New Blog Designed To Help Middle Class Grow Wealth

The rich have always shared how to increase wealth and how to deal with money from father to son and mother to daughter. Over the last thirty or more years, big business, corporate greed and politicians have worked to shift almost all advantages to the rich. The middle class and poor have had to focus on survival.

This blog and our other blog ( are focused on helping middle class families develop specific plans to save and invest – even in an economic downturn – and apply basic balanced principles that work to put your money to work for you. This is not a myth. We aim to show you how to get ahead and give you tips along the way. We have also published an ebook called “The Sticky Asset: How To Survive Any Financial Crisis” that can be found at

In the coming days and more we will focus equally on saving money at retail, exposing tricks that were created and adjusted recently to fleece you from extra money in major purchases without your knowledge and developing your plan to boost your wealth.

We hope you will read this blog and the and we encourage you to help others by sharing YOUR ideas here.

Thank you.


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