Make Money Work For You

I actually read an article today about how the deepening of the financial crisis is “our fault” (consumers like you and me). You know – “we” are the people that are saving money. We are not spending. It’s our fault. Never mind the fat cats who seeded the crisis by distroying our faith in the financial system. Never mind the rich who have fabulously bailed themselves out and have left the “little man” to pay the tab with higher taxes for decades. Never mind that the banks are hording money until times become more profitable for them to make higher margin loans. Hmmm.

Oh, you think that the new administration will tax this rich and give to the middle class? Think again. Our government is as filled with greed and backroom deals as those corporate boards that passed out staggering bonuses while investors lost billions. I know it’s harsh, but there is a reality in America about this crisis that is different from those over the last forty years. This one will really stick the little guy. The bailout will reach all the way down to the people who created the crisis in the first place and you and I will end up paying for debt, debt, debt.

It’s your fault and my fault that the financial crisis is deepening? Get real.

We urge you to look out for yourself and your family. This means more savings. Find ways to put money away in money market accounts (and away from your checking account).

Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by fear. Take action.

Start saving. Start looking at money in your checking account for what it is: A MONEY LAUNDERING ACCOUNT for other people’s money.

Don’t buy the guilt that we are contributing to the depth of the crisis. We should be doing exactly what the rich are doing – saving. Preparing for more difficult times. We don’t have to take this from them. Sound like we have a chip on our shoulder? We don’t – we just don’t like people who bully others. That’s what this crisis looks like to us. The best weapon you can use against that is to save and find ways to generate your own financial safety.

And good luck.


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