Do YOU Need Financial Help?

Everybody needs help financially sometimes. Still. Please. We cannot continue to look at the situation developing with banks, fatcats and the federal government (filled with super-bonuses and retreats to famous spas on federal “bailout” money) and not be angry.

Where is the bailout for the common man and woman? We simply cannot wait any longer for help that may never come for you and I. So, we must make our stand as if help is not coming. How do we do that?

If you’ve starting following this blog, you know we are big believers in saving a little of each paycheck you receive. If you have a job, you are lucky. That trend could end. You see all the people losing their jobs – that has a cascading impact across the country. No matter who you are today – you could lose your job.

If you have not started saving, do it now. Start with the 1% rule from Save 1% of your next paycheck off the top. Then increase that savings – off the top (first) – each time you get paid until you reach 15%.

If you normally purchase “X” product and find that you save 5% or 20% off the normal price – save the rest. Take it from your personal checking account to savings. Don’t leave it in your checking account (remember: we look at checking as a MONEY LAUNDERING ACCOUNT for other people’s money).

Here are some sites (and numbers) that might help you advance your “savings cause” on items you NORMALLY purchase:

1-800-FREE-411 or you can use Google for business numbers at 1-800-GOOG-411. to compare deals on electronics.

Compare cell phone plans at allows you to compare pharmacy prices. allows you to check prices at…you guessed it….the grocery stores in your area. (explains itself).

Here are some “others” to check out:

Don’t go looking for deals you don’t orginarily buy. In other words, SHOP SMART. We always say, “It’s not savings unless you remove it from checking and put it in a money market (where it starts to work FOR YOU).

We will pop on this blog from time to time and put website info where we think you might be able to benefit. YOU have to do the real work of taking what you save and….SAVING IT (outside of your checking account).

Good luck!


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