Why We Have Written An EBook On Saving Your Family In Economic Crisis

When I was a kid my family knew of no one who was wealthy. We didn’t know anyone who did not struggle to just plain survive. Over the past thirty plus years it seems that our politicians and big business appear to have worked together very well to improve their profits and positions at the expense of the middle class and poor. There is too much greed, and everyone knows it. During this same period, these people have “adjusted the laws” to make it easier to take advantage of the people I feel I have the most in common with today and in my childhood. They system is being “gamed” against the middle class and poor.

About a year ago, we became concerned that our children were getting a good “basic” education without getting any education on managing money, saving money and having a strategic plan to grow wealth in their lives. This struck us as odd and unfortunate that our “system” is geared toward basic education and almost no thought is given to helping children learn, understand and experience a good education on money matters. We went thru extensive research to put together what we thought would be a “document” for them to use as a reference, and we developed this until it was over thirty pages and almost 20,000 words giving them specific advice they can apply to everyday situations and major and minor purchases in their lives to save tens of thousands of dollars.

While we focus on ways to save, we also highlight how the rich and greedy are taking advantage of the middle class. We are very specific about tactics they are using and how you can avoid them (and teach your children to avoid them). The difference can literally be poverty vs comfort in the coming years.

Once we felt like we had done a good job, we had this now book professionally edited so that it is easier to read and has a good flow to the material. After all, we wanted this to be an easy reference guide for our children. Then, we took it to friends and ask what they thought. That actually turned into our friends asking us to find a way to publish this as a real book. While we thought this would be for our children, our friends thought our approach would be excellent for many Americans today dealing with this financial crisis. That has lead us to open this blog, a main site called http://www.STICKYASSET.com and http://www.STICKYASSET.com/blog.

We have never regretting doing this because it has been meaningful for those who have purchased the ebook on our site. We simply feel we have a very nuts-and-bolts approach to saving and investing money during any kind of financial times. Our approach is not a get rich quick strategy. However, we know that it works. That’s what working middle class families need.

Our goal is not so simple. We want to help middle class families develop their own plan for financial and family budgeting success to build wealth. We actually are crazy enough to call it our quest to generate a new American Middle Class Financial Evolution. We hope you will join us.

If you want to learn more, you can always check out http://www.STICKYASSET.com/blog and http://www.STICKYASSET.com.

Thank you and good luck to you and your family.


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