People Like To Ask If They Should Be Frightened

While the U.S. Government and foreign governments around the world are bailing out the rich at pennies on the dollar, people ask this blog “Should we be frightened?”

Of course, you should have some fear about what is happening inside businesses big and small right now, and you should be concerned for your family. However, now is the time to act. Put away the way things were in the past. You better be planning for the future.

U.S. Government debt has exploded. The average U.S. household debt has exploded. As people are in the process of completing their 2008 tax returns and seeing if they will get a refund, many Americans have no savings at all.

Millions of American households live paycheck to paycheck. When a downsizing or reduction of workforce takes place, many households that have barely made it on two paychecks fall into unrecoverable and immediately steep decline. House payments fall behind. Credit cards expand and peter out completely only to roar back with more and more debt from interest alone.

As the U.S. Government steps up it’s “bailout,” you are seeing the largest problems ever seen being met by a team with the most debt in American history backing them. China is a major lender for our sins in the U.S. Other governments around the world bail us out on a consistent basis.

What if China stops bailing?

So, should you be frightened? Yes. However, you should use the fear to motivate you to develop your own plan for saving and building wealth. This includes specific strategy for dealing with credit card companies, major purchases, savings strategy and more.

It may not be sexy, but if you don’t start an automatic savings plan and figure out how to divide and conquer debt starting today, you may be sunk with a generation of debtors. If you have a job today, you should be steadily putting aside savings for future needs – and you will have them.

Don’t let your chance slip away. Go to our main blog site: Do your research on the internet. If you wish, start with our plan at We have written an e-book that was originally for our own children. It includes all of our research on how to save and build wealth. You will see what we recommend in terms of avoiding the greedy corporate entities that are taking “hidden slices” of our wealth away from us. Check it out for yourself at

If you work only one job, you should be spending one to two hours each day working just for yourself. Find ways to save. Find additional ways to generate money for savings.

Times are getting…..more difficult. Don’t wait until every Tom, Dick and Harry knows it. Act for your family starting today.

And good luck.

Loyd Ford


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