What Is My House Worth Now?

You are wondering, right? How much is my house worth now? Has it lost value? Is my house or neighborhood different that some of the bad experiences I see across the country?

Find out now.



Once you have seen the truth, you will either feel better or be concerned about how the economy is really impacting you, your neighbors and family.

As soon as you have accessed the “situation,” start to build your plan. We hate to use the tried and true, but here is the truth:

Cash is king.

Quit chasing your credit score if you have been doing that.

You can’t own credit cards; credit cards own you.

Live below your means.

Build an emergency savings fund (15 – 18 months of expenses). Don’t get overwhelmed.

If you are not saving automatically, start. Do your research into on-line banks that are FDIC insured. Look for money market with the highest interest rates.

What’s important now? S T A R T I N G. Get going. Check out our main blog at http://www.stickyasset.com/blog.

Take our advice and work for yourself one hour a day researching ways to save money (coupons, best deals, special knowledge). You can do this!

Thank you for reading our little blog in the world!

Loyd Ford


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