The Lobster & You

You’ve heard the story, right? You drop a lobster in hot water and look out! But, just slide him into some comfortable water and slowly raise the heat to a boil and he’s just along for the ride as happy as a…..lobster dinner.

That is exactly the way our modern-advertising-credit card-you must have credit, credit, more credit has worked against the American middle class families over the last thirty years. A little credit is “good for you.” A little more credit allows you to get the comforts of a lifetime….now. The water gets warmer and you simply don’t notice how far behind you are falling….until……it’s too late.

But there’s good news: It’s never too late. The entire system is on it’s head right now and consumers have a retail environment that is ripe for cutting the credit lines. I know – your credit score is important. No one is suggesting that you throw caution to the wind and forget about credit scores. However, we are suggesting that you stop and think about how much big business has gotten Americans to actually “chase” credit scores.

You see it all the time. Do you remember the VISA commercials where they actually stop a grocery line and attempt to make it look “embarrassing” that a guy is paying with cash?

Let me tell you – CASH IS KING.

You can’t own credit cards – credit cards own YOU.

Now is time to break the cycle. Take out all your credit cards. Look up the interest rates for each one. Chart them out on one piece of paper or spreadsheet.

Split them by interest rates into a BLUE TEAM and a RED TEAM.

Only stop using the red and Blue Team cards (yes, we mean all of them).

Red Team is higher interest rates. Start with the highest interest rate card. If you can transfer the balance to a low interest rate card, do it. If you cannot, then pay the minimum on all your credit cards EXCEPT the highest interest credit card. Pay MORE than the minimum on the highest interest credit card. Repeat until paid off.

Repeat this with each card until you are credit card debt free.

What else can you do? Check to see if you are paying any “fee” for any of your cards. If you are, call the credit card companies and ask them to remove the yearly fee.

If they won’t, ask for a supervisor.

If they won’t, call back.

Put your credit cards on a “calling cycle.” Call them every two weeks (a different card each time) and ask for them to suspend or lower the interest rate. Tell them you are having trouble paying, but tell them you want to pay them off. Ask if they can help without creating any credit problem for you. Just ask them if they can lower the interest rate to zero. If they say “no,” ask for a supervisor. Continue until you get a good result.

Don’t be the lobster. Start making your way out of the warm water and back to the ocean (we will call this “the place where you recognize that cash is king”) where you will truly be FREE.

Keep checking back with us. We are going to take on big business. We are going to improve middle class wealth-building. How? By giving you our plan? No. When you read this blog, you should know our focus is one thing:


We’re offended that the rich think money is just for them. We’re putting them on notice. It’s our turn, people.

Thank you for reading.

Loyd Ford


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