The Feeling In Your Heart

There are people in your life you wish you could help. Isn’t that right? You see them struggle (and we all struggle these days it seems). You want to share what works with the people you love and care about today. That is the essential reason we started this blog. There are people in our own family and friends that we always want to help. With so many people shifting focus to saving money and reforming lifestyle in 2009, we focus on real strategies that help people save more of their money and really grow wealth over time.

The internet is filled with magic solutions or get rich quick ideas. That’s not what we are about at this blog. We know that real wealth and building actual value comes through hard work and gaining knowledge in areas that help you propel wealth creation. So, when you come here….it’s not about magic or “the secret.” You may learn secrets to build savings and wealth, but they won’t be magic. They’ll just work.

What is your value? You love your family. You have friends. If you’re lucky, you have a good job. We value our lives sometimes – unfortunately – by how much we make at work. However, the secret to advancing financially in your life is not what you make – it’s what you save and invest.

I know, I know. There’s less to invest and where do you put it these days that won’t cause it to shrink. That’s the trick with the economy, you know. Convincing people it is safe to continue investing in their 401k, IRA and other investments. 2009 has become a year of pulling back, reviewing your expenses. We recommend that you put your bills on a diet. How? We’re glad you ask.

Commit yourself to two (2) hours with this stuff this weekend. Gather all your bills and sit at the kitchen table. Look at what you’ve spent money on in the last three (3) months. Once you have put all that down on paper (yes, a little homework goes a long way in this exercise), lay out your bills.

Credit cards.





Keep it coming. Lay it all out. Now, get ready for the diet. You can put your life on a diet and save. Begin to look at them in terms of what you can cut or reduce. Seriously. Companies do it all the time these days. They look at their “budget” and review every expense to see where they can cut 10 – 15%. Reduce. You can do it, too.

We recommend that you begin with the credit card companies. Do your homework. Review balances and interest rates. Terms. Call them and ask for a reduction or elimination of interest rates. Tell them you need to reduce your expenses so you can continue to pay them off. Oh, and stop using them.

We must stop relying on credit cards. You cannot own credit cards – credit cards own you. Your task is to work to eliminate credit card debt from your life. To do that, follow our plan of paying extra only on the higher interest credit cards one at a time and the minimum payments on the others until you pay the one with the highest interest rate completely off. Continue with each card until they are gone. At the same time, don’t feel bad about pressuring a credit card company to reduce or eliminate interest rate. They don’t feel bad about pressuring you, do they?

It is time we got serious about taking on big business (and especially credit) in this country.
These people we have all invited into our lives are not our friends. Treat them that way.

Some people think this is crazy, but you may want to look at selling things that are costing you money. Seriously, do you have an extra car you don’t really need? 2009 is a great time to release that car or truck from your expense line.

With your insurance, look for ways to adjust deductibles. Use common sense, but you can reduce the monthly bill.

Don’t let it stop with these simple ideas. The days when you don’t negotiate with people are over. This is the era of the consumer. Everyone is in the same boat. These companies have quotas and responsibilities. Losing you as a cable TV customer is a big deal. Losing you as a phone customer is a big deal. Make the people who bill you each month “save” your account. You can use this one tactic to squeeze your monthly expenses with the goal of reducing your expenses by 10 – 15%. Once you reduce a bill, MAKE SURE YOU PULL THE SAVINGS (yes, each month) OUT OF CHECKING and into savings.

Want to find where you can GET the best interest rates on savings? Make this the weekend that begins your FINANCIAL FREEDOM. It’s not easy, but if you make your personal financial life “business,” you can map out a plan and move to more savings, more investing and building actual wealth.

Please feel free to share this blog with those you love. We encourage you to link our blog to your Facebook, MySpace or any social networking or blog. Our goal is to spread actual proven savings and wealth growing strategies to people you love. We cannot do that without your help. So, if you are serious about saving money, finding tricks to save more and building wealth, you’ve found the right blog…and we need your help to spread the message to those you love.

Have a great weekend.

Loyd Ford


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