Don’t Let Them Win

We began this blog and all of our personal finance work with people because of our own family. We FEEL what is going on with people just like us all across the country right now. We are not different from you, and you have just as much right to a solid financial future as anyone.

Confidence is shaky right now, but you can take steps to give yourself more confidence in your own future.

Our message is very simple:

No matter who you are you can pull ahead – even in this economy.

We have all learned a great lesson that “high finance” people don’t always get it right and certainly don’t look smarter and you and I.

The simple truth about this blog entry, our efforts and your own heavy-lifting to make a better life for your family is that you have to have A PLAN.

No plan = no future.

There are people with highly purchased educations in big paying finance jobs in the country, but they are not better than you. Don’t let them win. They may get big bonuses. They may have some advantages we don’t have. But that’s all.

It is true that the rich get richer, but anyone can stake out a plan and build wealth over time. Having a plan does not just help you pull ahead during the financial crisis everyone is talking about – it will set you on a path to true wealth.

Use this blog. Check out our main blog at and sign up for our free monthly e-saver (to save you thousands). Do your own research and develop a savings plan that includes automatic savings each month. It will be one of the best decisions you will ever make for your family.

Thank you.

Loyd Ford


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