The Fake Decade Is Over (Let’s Move On)

The “Fake Decade” is over.

Let me say in advance that we are NOT a political blog. We don’t make political comment. I say this because today’s blog may seem a little political – but it is not.

The weapons of mass destructions were actually not there. The 2000 election erroded our belief, right? Republicans and Democrats. The mortgage meltdown, the stock market crisis….further errosion. Reality television (which is anything but….) and posing answer-men like Dr. Phil. All examples of how the age of the powerful consumer is filled with people like you and me who don’t believe “them.” However, we must move ahead like our parents did when facing the issues of their time.

How do we do it?

Self-belief. We must now move ahead by developing our own plan to help our family. I guess the first step in this is to suspect everything. However, you must be able to move forward by establishing the things you do believe in with respect to saving and investing.

We encourage you to save automatically. You can do this in a number of ways, including a regular savings account, money market, certificiates of deposit. Check out to see the latest rates. Make sure your bank is FDIC-insured.

We recommend you do everything you can to focus on savings Vs checking. Checking accounts are nothing but money-laundering accounts for other people’s money. Your income means nothing. It is what you save.

Our belief is that you should build an EMERGENCY SAVINGS FUND these days of 15 to 18 months of your expenses. It takes longer to find jobs that earn real income these days.

If you have a job and are not saving money, ask yourself a simple question: Will I be able to save more now or if I lose my job?

The time for reality is now. Let’s get this country moving – one family at a time.

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Good luck.

Loyd Ford


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