Compare, Demand & Save

We will keep it simple today. Drugs. If you take them, the costs are “locked-in” right? Wrong.

If you are seeking ways to save money and visit a pharmacy regularly, we will take this issue on today in our blog on “saving with medicine.”

First stop: compare medicine prices. Select four (4) local pharmacies. Compare prices on the actual drugs you take. See who is really saving you money and who is gaming you.

Second stop: Check out on-line or mail order pharmacy prices (compare here, too).

Third stop: Doctor’s office. Go to your doctor and take all your meds. Ask your doctor if you can take generics for each of your medicines. That will allow you to save potentially hundreds or even thousands.

If you get your doctor to provide expert advice (what he or she is there for) along with savings, you win.

If you know the truth about the pharmacies that save you money and those who milk you, you will win.

Finally, mail order medicines in 90 day supply will generally shave a considerable amount off of your pharmacy costs.

We like to save.

Thank you.

Loyd Ford


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