Don’t Be Left Behind In The Financial Crisis

Anyone can be left behind. Times are tough. We fear they will get worse before they get better, and we don’t think politicians (of any party) are going to really help the middle class. So, hear our warning: You must help yourself.

The people and families that will be left behind are those that do not automatically save. Those families that don’t work to reduce credit usage will fall behind and be taken advantage of by the big credit card companies. Remember: You can’t own credit cards – CREDIT CARDS OWN YOU.

Our biggest fear is that there is a large group of people – OUR people – who feel they cannot have a place in helping themselves. They feel they fall further and further behind while the downturn continues to spiral out of control.

FDR said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” We believe those words were meant to inspire the common man – like you and me – to immediate action. Those words are still true.

Anyone – we don’t care who you are – can gain access to some control over your life.

You must understand that the financial crisis could impact your family for years to come. That means you must become active NOW.

We urge you that if you have a job….you must be saving money regularly. Even if you begin with 1% of your after-tax income per paycheck and gradually increase your savings by 1% every time you get paid until you reach 15% of your income. We urge you to think about if it would be better to save now (if you have a job) or later (when you may not have a job)?

Automatic savings should be a PRIORITY for you in 2009. You can do it thru payroll at work or thru your checking account once you are paid.

We must begin to see the truth for what it is. The rich people live in a different world than the rest of us. They have options we don’t have – and they are not interested in our safety or well-being. The government has its’ hands full with their own priorities. That leaves us as the true captains of the future of our families.

If you have been reading this blog for any period of time, you are aware that we believe STRONGLY that these are the twin priorities in your life as you develop a financial plan for your family:

1. Debt reduction (beginning with the highest interest credit cards).
2. Emergency Savings Fund (15 to 18 months of expenses).

If you don’t have an emergency fund of this kind, you should work to establish one beginning TODAY.

Automatic savings will build your emergency savings fund FASTER than you think. Get started.

Don’t wait. Don’t accept excuses (we all make them, right?)! Get started. If you are stressed on money, you must work to put your financial life on a diet.

Don’t buy into the idea that your credit score is the most important thing. Cash is king. Credit is the enemy. We don’t want you to do anything to destroy your credit, but you must make cash and the building of actual assets your goal along with the REDUCTION of use of credit.

Take charge of your financial life by looking at things as they really are today. What do you owe? How do you eliminate debt or reduce debt? Review our blog’s past here and at for additional information on how to deal with credit card companies and others to reduce expenses by putting them ON A DIET.

No matter who you are – YOU CAN DO THIS!

Don’t let the news get you down. Use it as POWER to to get ahead. We cannot be “in control,” but we can plan for bad events and hope for the best. If the bad events come to your house (layoffs, job loss), you will be more prepared if you have saved a proper emergency savings fund. If the bad events don’t come to your home, you will be building actual wealth.

Please check out our main blog at On that site you can get our free e-saver (to save you thousands) by signing up in the e-mail window at the top right-hand side of that blog.

Together we can get ahead in this economic crisis. But you must develop a plan for your family finances. Start today.

Loyd Ford


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