Have you seen the VISA commercials “GO”??

                  You’ve seen them.  One of the commericals has Italian music and flying pizza with red and orange fire flashing before your eyes.  Morgan Freeman and his smooth delivery comes on and says, “When’s the last time you caught dinner AND a show?”  The pizza is pulled from the white hot oven and you see the word “go.”  A VISA card on one of those little restaurant payment folders comes on screen next and Morgan (who I love) says “VISA debit is easier than cash or checks.” 

                   Stop right there.  You see how culture overcomes common sense.  Is there anything wrong with eating out?  No.  Is there anything wrong with VISA?  Morgan Freeman?  Debit cards?  No.

                    Does using a VISA, Mastercard, American Express or a debit card make it easier for you to spend MORE MONEY THAN YOU WANTED TO SPEND?  Yessss.

                     No, we’re not making this up.  The percentages can be large.  It seems that having the easy plastic does not seem like spending real money.  It causes money (which is slippery at best) to become so slick you don’t even recognize how much of it is slipping from your fingers.  You just focus on the pizza and the good times.  Let the good times roll.

                     Why is it that a great company like VISA would use someone who has played God in a movie to project that they are your friend and will help you to have an easier life?  Because it works and it is the path for them and all of the merchants who want you to spend more, more, more to reach you and change your attitudes about spending for ease and pleasure. 

                      Hollywood is fun.  It’s just not in the business of telling the whole truth.  We will.

                      Welcome to the era where consumers have to take more control of the process of what you do with your money.  Beware of the real enemies of savings and investing for growth of assets.

                        For more ways to save and be aware, you can go to our main blog at www.stickyasset.com/blog, join our FREE monthly e-saver or simply check out the e-book “How To Survive Any Financial Crisis at www.stickyasset.com.

                        Good luck!  It’s a jungle out there (even when the jungle comes to visit you on the TV in your living room at home)!

                          Loyd Ford



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