Sudden Death Always Captures Us

sudden death


We are human. For whatever reason, sudden death captures us. Shocking events capture our attention and leave us struck by their powerful intensity. In the last week or so you have seen the storm following Michael Jackson’s death and funeral. This cycle of shocking events repeats again and again (don’t believe me? Check out the week of August 17, 1977 and the events surrounding the death of Elvis Presley in Memphis).


But there is a hidden power in all of us. Did you know this? This “power” involves being slow and strategic, and every single one of us has the power to use this intense secret to build our lives over time, and it works every time in the production of wealth over time.

In life, those with balance over long periods often perform better than those attempting to capture the moment and gain instant fame, success or money.

In this blog and our main blog ( we are always attempting to showcase opportunity to strike it rich (or build wealth) over time. Not in an instant, but our goal is to share the specific strategies that will allow anyone – anywhere – to build savings, prepare for the future and eventually build wealth for yourself and your family.


It will work for you in Los Angeles, California, Albany, New York, Charlotte, North Carolina, Portland, Oregon, Orlando,Florida or anywhere else in the United States. In fact, the rich have been using this power (these strategies) for many decades and passing the secrets down to their children generation after generation.


Our goal is not to help middle class families like ours become wealthy. Our goal is to help encourage you to build your own plan for saving and investing that will result in you and your family always having options to protect those you love.

You will notice that we focus on automatic savings and automatic investing over time. We attempt to move the focus away from what you earn at work to what you save from your income regularly over the course of time.


The simple fact of your economy and mine today is that if you don’t save regularly, there may be NO SAVING YOUR FAMILY in the next ten and twenty years.


We always like to make it clear in our blogs that your life isn’t about money (or it shouldn’t be). However, the earlier you focus some of your time on saving money and building assets regularly (instead of buying things that do not grow in value and do not produce any additional additional assets)…the better off you will be later in your life. And we are not talking about retirement. We are talking about the different stages of your life….including later retirement. So, you must learn to use regular personal finance strategy to build your life as you live.


We encourage you to spend an hour of your time three (3) or four (4) days a week to learn all you can about saving and investing decisions. There are so many websites, your public library and local colleges. We encourage you to make time in your life to learn and then teach your children how to maximize savings on a regular basis and boost your regular purchases of actual assets so that you can really build wealth.

Those people who learn more about saving smarter and wiser investment on a regular basis will potentially have more control over their lives, the jobs you work, the bosses you have and the things you may have to put up with over the course of your adult life.

You can sign up for our FREE monthly e-saver by signing up in the e-mail window at our main blog: Just look to the right-hand side of your monitor to sign up.

You can join our FREE Facebook group on saving and investing. Just search on Facebook for “Live The Lifestyle Your Family Deserves.” All we ask is that you send an invitation to join to your friends, family and those you care about today.

The only thing we ever sell is “How To Survive Any Financial Crisis.” That is available at for only $4.95 for a limited time only. We only charge a small amount because we want the value of our work to hit you like a ton of bricks! We believe we share specific strategies that will excite you in terms of saving more, investing wisely and avoid the “legal” things that are available to many corporations and the rich set up to take advantage of you and your family.

The biggest thing to remember in all of this is: YOU can do this. YOU can develop your own plan to save regularly. YOU can invest regularly – slowly and small at first – to build your assets over time and build wealth.

You can’t do anything about sudden death. However, you can systematically use secrets of the rich to begin your quest to save more and invest regularly and BUILD WEALTH beginning right away in your life. YOU CAN do something about poverty or wealth later in your life, but you should begin.

Want to get started now?

If you’ve started long ago, good for you. If you are just beginning, congratulations on taking the first steps now.

And thank you for spending a few moments with us.

Loyd Ford

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