5 Keys To A Better Financial Life

wall street flags

My father is famous in our family for always saying , “Who is this THEY?” You know – THEY are telling us to do this or THEY say you should do so-and-so.

The truth is that the politicians and the greedy corporate leaders believe that WE will ALL move together like a herd. THEY believe we will largely do what is expected in our behavior. THEY believe that we – for the most part – will not change. THEY think they can actually manipulate us.

We sometimes – especially in groups – follow blindly a political figure or a political ideal. We sometimes just “go along.” We “salute the flag” on Wall Street or just the flag in general. The real truth is our flag and our patriotism is larger than any poltical group that controls it temporarily.

I know. We are not a political blog, but we are concerned that most Americans are not putting in time working on financial balance.

1. You should work to learn as much as possible about normal and unique ways to save.

2. You should work to learn as much as possible about investing – all kinds – and ways the rich build wealth. These techniques are not magic – they are strategies that work.

3. You should work to learn as much as possible about anyone who is advising you in financial matters. You should spend time understanding each thing they tell you – or don’t do it.

4. You should work to recognize that emotion sells almost everything that is sold. Learn how to shift emotion from you (the purchaser) to THEM (the merchant or seller). If you do this, you will save more than you thought was possible.

5. You should work to learn as much as possible about ways to reduce and eliminate debt. This will help you free up money to apply to the production of wealth.

We discuss these issues regularly on this blog and http://www.stickyasset.com/blog (where you can sign up for the free monthly e-saver – look for the e-mail sign-up window). The only thing we sell (of any kind) is “How To Survive Any Financial Crisis” at http://www.middleclassmoney.com ($4.95 for a limited time only).

These are the biggest things you can do to break away from the behavior THEY expect. You are responsible for what happens to you and your family. If you look at saving as an option, you will be in potential trouble later in life. If you don’t learn and build your own plan to have personal financial success, you very likely WON’T.

The laws in the beginning of this country were set to help you. They’ve been modified. Now we struggle against special interests and the lobby for this powerful group or that one. Now you have to do your research and you have to manage adulthood personal finance. That’s it.

Join our FREE group on Facebook called “Live The Lifestyle Your Family Deserves” and invite others you love and care about to join.

Our purpose is to encourage people to develop their own plan to save and invest regularly and automatically. We encourage you to study how to remove emotion from purchases and move that emotion to the hands of the seller. We encourage you to negotiate. Don’t be embarrassed – smart people NEGOTIATE.

Watch fees. Keep an eye on small money. People always want the big score, but the truth is SMALLER than that. Learn all you can about saving and investing. It is powerfully important.

Finally, the most important key: START. If you have not begun to save regularly and automatically, START.

Thanks for spending a moment with us.

Loyd Ford

Join the FREE personal finance group on Facebook called “Live The Lifestyle Your Family Deserves.” And all we ask is that you invite others to join, too.


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