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one hour


o⋅ver⋅whelm: to load, heap, treat, or address with an overpowering or excessive amount of anything: a child overwhelmed with presents; to overwhelm someone with questions.


Many Americans are intimidated when it comes to personal finance. After all, it is the place in the road where “boring” meets “overwhelming.” In the 21st Century we have the added negative of people like Bernie Maddolf and the wide variety of “experts” on cable TV along with waves of people in the personal finance industry waiting in line to charge you for advice.

And fees. So many fees for managing checking, savings, investments. Who can keep up?

It’s easy to be overwhelmed. The personal finance success path usually does not include get-rich quick, but it is what most of us would like to see happen in our lives. That’s why you see all these ads on the internet promising that you can make $5,000.00 without any real effort and only working part time. As my dad has told me for years, “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.”


Here’s the good news: Today there is so much information at your fingers that you can teach yourself the basics of personal finance, additional ways to save beyond the basics and even the time tested secrets of the rich and what they teach their own children.

Our blogs ( and and our free Facebook group (“Live The Lifestyle Your Family Deserves”) are designed with the idea in mind to encourage developing your own plan for boosting savings regularly and automatically and real (old fashion) wealth-building.

As the CEO of your personal family finances, you do have a serious job that can be overwhelming. However, you can take charge. Consider using only one (1) hour of your time every other day to study saving, investing, passive income and opportunities to boost savings and build real wealth over time.

Even if you don’t use our free resources like our monthly e-saver ( (use the e-mail sign up window to the right of the blog), you can find great resources on the internet. Just remember that you must research your sources and make sure stay focused on strategies that can be proven to work. The truth is that you don’t need high-finance to build wealth.

If you really focus on education first, checking resources by confirmation and moving slowly into regular saving and investing, you will build wealth over time.

Don’t forget to check back in with us on this blog and our main blog at The best advice we can give you is to start saving and investing regularly. If you spend time with us, we will constantly update you on ways to save and invest, and we will try to encourage you to become wealthy over time. That’s worth it, isn’t it?

We started our time with personal finance blogging for our children with a small document that just grew and grew. We eventually called it “How To Survive Any Financial Crisis.” Friends and family recommended that we try to get it published because they thought it could be a positive influence for people. Instead, we eventually chose to publish it as an e-book on our site “How To Survive Any Financial Crisis” is packed with savings tips, advice on how to negotiate, how to avoid being taken advantage of in today’s environment and how to think like the rich when it comes to money and investing. It is the only thing we sell associated with our free blogs and groups. It is only $4.95. We wanted to make it accessible to everyone who has an interest. While we encourage people to use our free blogs and free Facebook group “Live The Lifestyle Your Family Deserves” for the basics, “How To Survive Any Financial Crisis” is available for those who want to go beyond the basics.

We always hope we are being helpful to those who have awoken to the reality of the global economy, rising unemployment and the realities of trying to be an adult and raise a family successfully in the 21st Century. It ain’t what it used to be.

Thank you.

Loyd Ford

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