When Do You Just Give Up On Saving?

never give up

This is one of those rare opportunities where the picture says it all. It’s so easy to become “down” in this economy. Businesses are pulling back, cutting employees and “downsizing.” However, we offer you opportunity to build your own plan to get your family on firm financial footing and build wealth.

If you have not read our recommendation on emergency savings, retirement and other goals, we urge you to scroll back through this blog and our main blog at http://www.stickyasset.com/blog. Check out what we recommend in terms of how to get your savings off the ground. You can do this!

So many people and companies that do “personal finance” want a percentage of your investments or they want to tap into your money. The truth is: Today you can do so much research and so much planning on your own. No, it isn’t easy. However, you can do it.

The true secrets of the rich in terms of reducing and eliminating debt and building assets are at your fingertips today. While many sites on the internet promise “get rich quick,” you know that is unlikely to be the path of truth. It’s like your parents might have said, “Luck is hard work.”

Reach out for your own freedom today by realizing that you can do this. You can build a plan to reduce your debt. You can educate yourself through the internet and a local community college. You can save a percentage of your income each time you get paid (right “off the top”).

We have other resources for you. Begin. Start saving – no matter how little. Start reducing debt by paying extra (even if it is a small amount).

Never give in to those people in the media that say you can’t. Never give up on your dream, but DO apply some learning and some saving to your goals. It will pay off if you do it regularly and automatically.

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You can do this! As always, thank YOU for reading!

Loyd Ford


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