How To Teach Your Kids About Money

kids with money
In the old days, people would say “What did you do in the great war?” Our children might ask, “What did you do to make sure we knew what to do about saving money and retirement?”

Wouldn’t you like to give your children the best education? (Well, yeah.)

Wouldn’t you like to see them live a better lifestyle than you? (Well, yeah.)

Now is your chance. We all know it is easier to control a child’s life than an adult’s life. Twenty dollars to a kid is a fortune. Twenty dollars in an adult’s life wont’ buy much. So start the biggest and best part of your child’s education EARLY.

Sit down with your children and talk with them about money, but be careful to start where they are – not where you are. Ask your kids, “How much allowance would you like?” Tie it to chores. Tell them that they will get X number of dollars each month, but ALSO GIVE THEM several things they HAVE TO purchase on behalf of the family each week.

Oh, and tell them they are responsible for the family savings.

Tell them how important it is to save every single time they get paid (allowance). Make sure they understand what is at stake in short-term, medium-term and long-term savings.

If you get them thinking about:




They will be the winners.

Why? Because it is not about what you earn. It is not about what car sits in your driveaway. It’s not even about being rich or poor. Money is about options. If you have money, you have options. If you don’t, you have nothing.

So, what if you get your child the best education from a great college but they can’t handle money?

What if they don’t know how to build an asset train?

What if they don’t save regularly? What if they know nothing when they get out of college about saving and investing?

“Don’t let this happen to you!” should be our slogan.

Get involved now. Your children probably know more about the computer than YOU do. Give them weekly homework to find coupon codes to save your family money at the grocery store.

Teach your kids by letting them in on your personal finance life. It will pay for decades and they will love you for it.

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Now is your opportunity with your kids. You might learn things, too!

You can do it!

Thanks for spending a minute with us!

Loyd Ford


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