Bad News & The 4 Things You Can Do To Help Yourself

bad news
Nobody likes bad news.

No one likes to give it. No one likes to receive it.

Humans are wired to live for the now. Our society makes that much worse by marketing to create immediate spending impact.

The result may be a society of people who are stricken with poverty.

Maybe you’ve been one of those people who thought the party would go on forever. Maybe you thought that you would always see increases in your income. Maybe you thought you would always be guaranteed a life better than your parents.

Things have changed. Nothing is guaranteed (except death and taxes).

However, our goal is to help people swing to the positive by knowing that they can develop their own plan – filled with their own goals – for building savings for when the unexpected bad news comes. Our goal is to help you build savings first. Reduction and eventual elimination of debt (especially credit card debt). Then, focus on asset production (believe it or not, you can be a little baron)! Then, on to creation of wealth.

You can do all of these things. One step at a time.

Here are some basics for you to think about:

1. If you have a job and you haven’t been saving money, you should know that saving is not optional. Start with our 1% plan if you have to, but start (see previous blog entries to learn about the 1% plan).

2. Review all your bills and use our 10-15% reduction plan to seek ways you can lower your regular bills monthly. Be open minded and persistent when you talk with the cable company, your mortgage people, your phone service, your…… get the picture. If you want to learn more about this 10-15% reduction plan, scroll back in this blog and find it. We believe in reducing monthly debt or bills and throwing what you reduce directly to savings. You can do this!

3. Use coupons to purchase only things you ordinarily purchase (otherwise you are only participating in marketing). Make sure you compare unit costs so that you know the savings is savings….and not marketing. Take the money you save and throw it to savings. It will build faster than you think.

4. Negotiate on everything with anyone you purchase anything from. Let me break it down for you – GONE are the days of being embarrassed. Now it’s just smart people and stupid people. Our economy is 70% driven by the consumer. That means WE are in charge. USE THE POWER. You don’t have to purchase X from Y retailer anymore. Shop. Compare. Negotiate. Then – always put what you save in SAVINGS.

Are you ready to be wealthy? I bet you are. This is not get rich quick. This is not “depend on a blog to set you free.” This is a change in strategy. This is “build your own plan” and reach out to gain resources from others including this blog.

You CAN do it!


In this country we don’t do enough to teach our children about money, managing money, saving regularly (and automatically), compound interest and steady investing for a long-term future. As a parent, we are always concerned that they get a good education and go to a good college so they can make a lot of money or have a valued career path. The truth is that we could do our children the biggest favor and one of the best things by sharing with them sound saving and investing principles.

You can join our free Facebook group (or have your children do it, too) by searching in the Facebook bar on your “wall” for “Live The Lifestyle Your Family Deserves.” Click on “become a fan.” It’s free and it ties our free blogs into that group.

If you want to give your children the same information we are giving ours, you can purchase the only thing we sell on any of our blogs or groups. It’s called “How To Survive Any Financial Crisis” and you can get it for only $4.95 at

Thank you for reading our blog and good luck!

Loyd Ford


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