3 Ways To Save Immediately (Starting Now)

It’s us against them this year if you are saving money.

Here are a few ways to save money by getting help directly from companies you do business with right now:

CABLE TELEVISION. Call your cable company and asked them to explain every charge on your monthly bill. Also tell them you cannot afford cable anymore. Tell them you don’t really want to cut it, but you may have no choice. Negotiate with them to reduce your cable bill. Target 10 – 15% savings. When they reduce your cable bill, take the money you “save” and push it to savings beginning right away.

CREDIT CARDS. Call your credit card companies and tell them you are having trouble and don’t want to file bankruptsy. If they charge you a yearly membership fee or any automatic fee, tell them you will switch unless they eliminate this fee. They will generally do this and you must take the money they “give” you and push it to actual savings.

CHECK ALL FEES. Check every bill you have and call everybody to ask them to explain the details of your bill. If there are fees, get rid of them. Always claim poverty. Be willing to ask for a supervisor and don’t back up. Call back multiple times over several weeks. Any money you save can and should go directly to actual savings.

This is your year. Let’s not let “the man” get your fees or any unusual or unexplainable dollars. Money is hard to earn and harder to save. Make it easy and get ahead.

Negotiate with everyone. You should have a new attitude and make it pay for your family.


In this country we don’t do enough to teach our children about money, managing money, saving regularly (and automatically), compound interest and steady investing for a long-term future. As a parent, we are always concerned that they get a good education and go to a good college so they can make a lot of money or have a valued career path. The truth is that we could do our children the biggest favor and one of the best things by sharing with them sound saving and investing principles.

You can join our free Facebook group (or have your children do it, too) by searching in the Facebook bar on your “wall” for “Live The Lifestyle Your Family Deserves.” Click on “become a fan.” It’s free and it ties our free blogs into that group.

If you want to give your children the same information we are giving ours, you can purchase the only thing we sell on any of our blogs or groups. It’s called “How To Survive Any Financial Crisis” and you can get it for only $4.95 at http://www.middleclassmoney.com.

Thank you for reading our blog and good luck!

Loyd Ford


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