The Rules For New Savings

How do you get ahead in today’s economy?

It is easier to talk about than to actually get done, isn’t it?

The only way to truly get ahead in today’s economy is to reset your thinking and reboot the way you look at money, banking, saving, retirement accumulation and more.

Let’s try a few of our philosophies out.

Saving is not optional. Everyone talks about it like it is, but it isn’t.

Good times and bad times will happen to everyone. Save during the good times and you will be fine. Don’t….and you won’t.

Checking accounts are money laundering accounts for other people’s money. Use any excuse you can to push money from checking into savings (money market savings or certificates of deposit).

A correct-sized emergency savings fund for 2010 is NOT three to six months of expenses. It’s fifteen to eighteen months of expenses in savings (money market and certificates of deposit).

Savings can generate faster than you think. If you are not saving money with every paycheck today, start with our 1% Savings Plan. Check our past blogs to see the details. It is our way anyone can start a saving program without killing their lifestyle.

If you use coupons and coupon codes, make sure you compare the real coupon price with non-coupon prices elsewhere. Make sure you compare how much of the product is offered for use with a coupon Vs packaging that is not offered with a coupon or coupon code. Check out our free Facebook group called “Coupons & Coupon Codes.”

You only save with coupons or coupon codes if the product is something you really need or something you ordinarily use and you put the savings in actual savings.

Negotiate on everything. Take the money you save negotiating and put it in savings (as if you spent it).

You should see how we feel you should treat credit card companies and every company that sends a bill to your house. It will help you save. Keep checking back with this blog and you can pick it up.


In this country we don’t do enough to teach our children about money, managing money, saving regularly (and automatically), compound interest and steady investing for a long-term future. As a parent, we are always concerned that they get a good education and go to a good college so they can make a lot of money or have a valued career path. The truth is that we could do our children the biggest favor and one of the best things by sharing with them sound saving and investing principles.

You can join our free Facebook group (or have your children do it, too) by searching in the Facebook bar on your “wall” for “Live The Lifestyle Your Family Deserves.” Click on “become a fan.” It’s free and it ties our free blogs into that group.

If you want to give your children the same information we are giving ours, you can purchase the only thing we sell on any of our blogs or groups. It’s called “How To Survive Any Financial Crisis” and you can get it for only $4.95 at

Thank you for reading our blog and good luck!

Loyd Ford


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