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Who Can You Trust: 3 Steps To Build Wealth In The Next Decade

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Who can you trust to help boost personal savings, help make sure your money is truly working for you and help you truly build wealth?

The right answer is: Only you.

Can you build savings and then wealth with time proven strategies that have been used by the rich for centuries? Yes, you can.

Here are three (3) options for you to begin your journey of learning. These three (3) options will give you opportunity to begin a quest that can help you reduce and eliminate debt, create the proper emergency savings fund for 2010 (it will be here before you know it) and really build wealth for you and your family.

1. Get your FREE e-saver just by signing up in the e-mail window at http://www.stickyasset.com/blog. We will not share your name or e-mail with anyone. You will receive a MAXIMUM of one (1) e-mail per month. The e-saver is designed to give you specific strategies to boost savings and build wealth each month.

2. Get “How To Survive Any Financial Crisis” at http://www.middleclassmoney.com for a one-time fee of only $4.95. Go to the website to find out what is included in “How To Survive Any Financial Crisis” and how it will help you supercharge your path to smarter saving and true wealth-building.

3. Join our FREE group on Facebook. Search for “Live The Lifestyle Your Family Deserves.” It’s a free and easy way to “mingle” with free ideas on saving money and boosting wealth and other people who may have goals similar to yours.

You can learn the secrets the rich have been using for years. It’s not get rich quick, but it works. That is critical. Strategies that propel wealth can help your family get ahead in the next 10 – 12 years. We will help you save more in any economy. We will literally show paths to wealth because our goal is to give you the secrets so you can choose your own path to wealth.

Thank you and good luck.

Loyd Ford

P.S. Pass this note on to others. Give THEM these three (3) options to help their family.

Take The Test

Are You Ready For "The Test?" Many Americans are being tested now. Some are being tested for the first real time in their adult lives because of the financial crisis that continues to grip everyone’s attention. However, many Americans may not yet recognize that this test could turn out better for them than they ever imagined.

Question number one: What is really important to you in your life? We often think about how we are going to increase lifestyle. Perhaps that is the wrong question. Maybe our focus all along should have been “What’s important now?”

Question number two: Do you believe in yourself? This is more than a passing question. The worldwide financial meltdown makes this question more serious than ever, but the question is much more personal than about believing in yourself at work. This question is only in this “test” so that you really think about who you are and what you want.

Question number three: Do you believe only the rich get richer, or can you have a vision of yourself building savings and wealth?

Question number four: Can you commit to a strategy to build emergency savings, life-long savings and retirement investment? If you can, all you need is a plan.

Review your spending over the last three months. Look at your personal spending like a business would look at expenses. Make a commitment to reducing your spending by 10 – 15%. Call everyone you get a bill from and let them know that you have to reduce expenses by 15%. See what options present themselves. You might be surprised.

At the same time, make sure you take the time to look at your checking account for what it is: A MONEY LAUNDERING ACCOUNT for OTHER people’s money. Use every excuse you can to remove money – even small amounts – from that account and put it in money market savings.

While you focus more time on the most important thing in your life (question number one), make an effort to increase spending….on savings. If you have to start with a small amount, take only 1% from your next after-tax paycheck. Push it to savings. Then, each paycheck or at least once a month after, add 1% to it until you reach 15% savings every month.

Commit to this strategy (question number two) of using automatic savings to drive emergency savings. You should work to build 15 to 18 months of expenses in savings (money market savings account or certificates of deposit). Remember: savings will build faster than you think. Just focus on the automatic savings paycheck to paycheck and month to month. You are building to actually generate longer range goals. While that does not happen immediately, you should focus on the going the distance. How would your life be impacted by having 15 to 18 months of expenses in emergency savings? I thought so.

You must seek out examples of people who began with nothing and built wealth. If you look, you will find example after example. The best news: There are thousands of examples of wealth building that does not involve the lottery or a windfall. In other words, saving and investing for the long-term WORKS.

Work to learn all you can about saving and investing. Start with building your emergency savings fun, but don’t stop there. Keep going.

If you answer these four questions above and are ready for the journey, you are ready to shake things up and truly build wealth for yourself. Get started today.

Good luck!

Loyd Ford

Self Help Yourself To Wealth (No, Seriously)

I’ve been reading the Chris Gardner book “Start Where You Are.” Chris Gardner is the inspiration for the movie The Pursuit of Happyness (the movie that starred Will Smith as Chris). If you don’t know his story, you should Google him or at least start with the movie. That should motivate you that no matter who you are or where you are you can make a difference and you can both save and invest for the future. While Chris was once homeless, he is now a multimillionare. He didn’t do it with get-rich-quick. He did it with hard work. He did it with focus. He did it with will power.

He has a great story. You can utilize his story to inspire you to “Start Where You Are.” While I am not usually a person who loves a lot of self-help (funny for a person writing two self-help personal finance blogs). If you’ve been reading this blog or our main blog (www.stickyasset.com/blog) for any time, you know that we are working to make good decisions and save regularly while we attempt to help others do the same.

Today’s buzz words are: Start Where You Are. The most important thing you can do for yourself and your family is begin. Begin to save automatically. Even if you start by saving only 1% of your next after-tax paycheck, begin. Then, increase it each paycheck or once a month by another 1% each paycheck or month. Do this until you reach 15%.

You can build a safety-net for you and your family and then begin to truly save and invest in a way that will help you to build wealth.

All I can say is “thank you” again for reading our blog. And “Start Where You Are.”

Loyd Ford

Why The Rich Get Richer, The Poor Get Poorer

You’d expect me to put in this blog all the advantages the rich get, right? They get the tax breaks you and I don’t know about. They have the ear of congress so they get the big bail out. They can afford to wait before selling an investment (what’s that?) without losing a ton of money because the market is weak this month, this year, this week.

Nope. I’m going to say something different. The rich wait to purchase things they want until they have built a pile of money. Don’t believe me? Try it.

Want a new car? Save up the actual payments until you can pay cash. You will save the loan and all that interest. That means they money goes to: You.

Pay yourself first every time you get paid and you will find that a strange person indeed is getting wealthier right before your eyes: You.

Do your own research on savings and where to get the best interest. Then, focus your efforts on getting as much money – regularly – out of your checking account into savings. You’ll find the person getting richer is: You.

Take an hour of your day and review how you got to where you are in your life. Someone I know says “You are the sum of all your choices.” Okay. Now, we’re going to choose to become wealthy. No, it won’t be overnight, but guess who it can happen to: You.

What you will need:

1. Pay down debt.
2. Emergency Savings Fund – Steady savings each payday.
3. 401k and/or an IRA (Roth if you qualify).
4. The ability to say no.

Get started today. Spend one hour a day working for yourself. Look for additional ways you can make money – money you can save.

Don’t get your value from the things you purchase and don’t get your value from your paycheck. That is NOT your money. Your money is in savings. Get this right and the new rich will be: You.

Congratulations – and good luck.