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Why You Must Start Now

"The clock is running." When it comes to saving and investing, time is your enemy (or your friend). Delaying is a nightmare that you will see later in your life. If you have children, one of the most important things you can ever do for them is to teach them to save a strong percentage of their income from their first part time job all the way thru their lives. If they establish that saving is not optional early, they will be wealthy on the back end of their lives (when they will need money the most).

Americans focus on education. Get into a good college. Get the degree. But most American children don’t get a good education in personal finance. As a result, they often feel saving and investing is optional. Even if they discover the importance of saving and investing, it is often after 40. Remember what we said about time and money?

We preach this all the time: save and purchase dividend producing assets early and you will be saved from a lot of crisis later. Instead of the lifestyles of the 80s and 90s, we should be focused on owning assets that produce more assets. It is as simple as that.

For most of us, we wish we have begun saving and then investing earlier. Consider that time + regular and automatic saving + automatic and regular investment = wealth creation.

Most everyone is looking for the fast way to wealth. Most of us will never play in the NBA, NFL or MLB. Most of us will never stand in front of 25,000 people singing our greatest hits. Most of us will never win the lottery. However, there are paths to gain access to personal stability and wealth growth.

If you don’t have a proper emergency savings fund, start. It will build faster than you think. We believe a proper emergency savings fund is 15 – 18 months of expenses. That breaks down like this: Six months of it should be in pure cash (money market savings). The balance should be in laddered certificates of deposit so that you are earning as much as possible but remaining as liquid as possible.

Even though people are down on their 401k investments, you should participate if you company has a program. However, the new days ahead will involve happiness for those who launch a Roth IRA with steady savings in addition to their 401k and contributions to emergency savings.

Every penny you save matters.

It will build faster than you think. GET STARTED.

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Loyd Ford

If You’ve Not Seen The Recovery Package, Here You Go

If you’ve not seen how the U.S. Government is selling the bailout now, check it out at http://www.recovery.gov.

Once you’ve read this “package,” you should be seriously motivated to save your booty off in the coming days, weeks, months and years.

For those of you who have already read the ebook “The Sticky Asset: How To Survive Any Financial Crisis,” we thought we would update you on the jar in our kitchen. Yes, the story really is true. This year we are already at $28.15. That money will go directly into a CD at the end of the year with the remaining amount we find on the ground between now and then.

As you know, we constantly preach that you can create ways to save money. However, once you do that – you must take the “savings” out of your checking account and put it in a high-interest savings vehicle. It is not saving if you don’t do this. Your checking account is a MONEY LAUNDERING ACCOUNT for OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY.

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Good luck on getting your bailout. Prepare now so that if things get worse, you will NOT be as bad off as many you will know.

You can save your family in this financial crisis and for the long-term. Just act now. Get started by developing a specific plan to save and secure wealth for your future one step at a time.

And good luck!

Loyd Ford