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The Best Advice You May Ever Get On Money


The Numbers

10.6% – The charge-off rate on credit card debt in May, the highest on record.*

2.9% – The delinquency rate for prime mortgages in the first quarter, up 20% from the previous quarter.*

49% – The portion of recipients who have exhausted their unemployment benefits BEFORE finding jobs, as of May vs. 37% a year ago.*

These numbers speak for themselves. Our biggest concern at this blog is the millions who feel they would like to save but don’t because they think they can’t.

YOU CAN save no matter who you are and no matter what you earn. Most Americans gain a certain identity from their job and what they earn in their paycheck. If that identity shifts to saving and investing, the course of future history can be completely altered.

Think about this: You don’t need to change future history for many. You can focus on how you can change future history for your family and all that it touches in the future. You can change the way you educate your children on personal finance.

Regular savings + Investing in assets that produce other assets of the same kind + commitment to reduction and elimination of debt + time = wealth.

Do you really want to grow wealth? If you do, you will follow this formula and seek more informal and perhaps some formal education to always learn more about how the rich put money under pressure

Saving Is Not An Option

Because we focus on what we would call “other education” in the United States, millions and millions of children grow up to think that saving is optional. The truth is: Saving is only optional if you want to guarantee poverty when you are older (or even sooner).

If you are serious about learning the path of the rich when dealing with money, you should spend more time learning what they already know and pass along to their own children. You can utilize our blogs (www.stickyasset.com/blog and http://www.boostmywealth.wordpress.com).
If It Is Free, It’s For Me

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No matter who you are – you can do this. If you want to build savings, it won’t happen overnight. However, it will grow A LOT FASTER than you think.

Get started. This is the best advice you will ever get. Take it and run with it. Start today.

Thank you.

Loyd Ford

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*from the July 20, 2009 Fortune Magazine. Sources: Moody’s office thrift supervision: Department Of Labor.