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Life Moves When You’re Not Watching (Why Strategic Savings Work)

You’ve seen the national insurance company say, “Life comes at you fast!” It’s funny, right? Well, it can be funny if you are prepared. Are you prepared? Let me explain.

It’s easy to look back on the moment you met your wife if you’ve been married for twenty years. How about looking back on your graduation from high school or college? Remember the moment you had your first kiss? How long ago was thall that?

Time moves faster than we are regularly monitoring. The longer you live the faster time seems to “slide right along” as a friend of mine says all the time.

If you develop a strategy that depends on automatic and steady savings, you will learn over time that it adds up faster than you think. Thinking strategically about problems like proper savings, automatic ways to save thru work (payroll) or home (checking to savings transfers) along with investing in low cost no-load mutual funds (once you are reached your proper emergency savings fund), will make your life better over time. This is because you will have more options.

If you have a job today, you must not see savings as an option. You should build your own plan to boost savings thru automatic savings. Seek out resources like this blog and http://www.stickyasset.com/blog to help you build the path you want to take.

Good things and bad things happen to everyone. You can’t change that. You can change how you react to those events of your life. That means planning to succeed.

One thing is absolutely certain. Time passes faster than any of us thinks about it. Time will move along. Thinking strategically and building a plan to save and invest wisely will make you the genius in your family. More than this it will build a safety net for your family and make your eventual retirement easier on you.

Your life shouldn’t be about a crisis. Your life should be about a plan. That will help you enjoy your life with your family. If you want more help, check out the e-book “How To Survive Any Financial Crisis” at http://www.stickyasset.com and continue to do your research on personal finance on the internet. It is good investment you are already investing in now!

It’s the best gift you can give yourself and your family.

Loyd Ford

What Car Dealers Don’t Want You To Know

Everyone knows that car dealers have been having a more difficult sales environment. Americans are holding off on purchases of cars, trucks and vans for famlies in early 2009, but the current downturn will turn. When your personal economy does “turn” and you are ready to purchase a new or used vehicle, you should plan your purchase well in advance of your arrival to sign on the dotted line.

We offer a lot of money saving strategies in “The Sticky Asset: How To Survive Any Financial Crisis,” but we offer this one to you in today’s blog because sooner or later you will make this purchase. Saving thousands when you do will make your life richer.

Our first recommendation is that you do your research in advance on the type of car, truck or van you want before ever going to a dealership. Excellent resources are the Kelley Blue Book and Consumer Reports. You want to use these two resources as research because they can tell you about:

1. Quality
2. Pricing

Our second peice of advice: Don’t go to any dealership.

Research how many dealers there are within 100 miles of your home. To to their websites and find the internet sales manager. Use at least six (6) dealers. After doing your research on what the actual cost is for the dealers in the exact “add ons” or features you want in your vehicle, e-mail these internet sales managers individually. Tell them the exact vehicle you are looking for with the exact features you want on the car, truck or van. Tell them that you are looking for the best price and that you are consulting with multiple dealers. Tell them this next thing is critical. You are only interested in the “out-the-door” price. That is after taxes, after everything. If you’ve done your research, you know what the dealers are being charged for each “feature” and the overall cost of the vehicle. Make sure you put a date in your e-mail such as “I will be purchasing this vehicle from a dealer in the next three weeks or on February 27, 2009.” I will only be visiting the dealer with the lowest price to purchase the vehicle on that day.

If you will take some notice here: We are moving the emotion from the consumer to the auto dealer. Get them emotional about the sale – they will make you a much better deal.

You will likely get a response from each dealer. When you do, tell them they are the actual highest bid. This will intensify the pressure. Repeat to them that you are looking to purchase the vehicle, but now change your date. Give them a date closer to today (such as “Friday, January 20, 2009) and tell them a specific time (like “between 5 p.m and 8 p.m.”)!

Frankly, some dealers will be offended. That’s okay. Don’t budge. Don’t visit a dealer. Tell them that you are close to making your purchase. Don’t buy into the bull that might come your way about their expense to get a car with the features you want. You should not care what it cost them to get the correct car to sell to you. Please. They are in the business of getting the cars to sell. You are the consumer – and you have almost all the power. You just have to eliminate emotion and keep your bottom-line attitude to get the car you want at the very best price. This can save you THOUSANDS.

Once you have identified the lowest bidder it is time to visit the dealer. Tell your sales person that you want them to write up the deal exactly the way it is described. In other words – no changes or add-ons in price. Then, go to the dealership on a pre-determined appointment. Check every feature and the final after-tax price. Be prepared to walk if it isn’t exactly what you agreed upon.

No, you will not want additional add-ons (you know about these, right?).

If you have already read “The Sticky Asset: How To Avoid Any Financial Crisis,” then you also know about the real danger at auto dealerships (hint: it’s not the sale person). If you know that, you will avoid the real trouble that happens after most people think the “deal” has been made and the “trouble” is behind them.

Do your research. Believe in yourself. Negotiate without emotion. You’ll be the winner.

Good luck!